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EWG (Emirates Walk the Globe)

EWG is an application that facilitate preople to calculate distance between two locations. It motivate people to walk or use bycycle. It also facilitate people to find distance between two cities even two countries.

EWG's current version is providing fallowing features:

  • Distance finding by walk, bycycle, car and other vehicles
  • Motivating people for travel green
  • Finding distance between cities and countries
  • Application is availabel for both Android and IOS plateforms

EWG (Emirates Walk the Globe) is an application to encourge people for calculating traveling distance. It motivate people to walk or bycycling. Anyhow it also calculate the same traveling distance for car, metro, and other vehicles. EWG usage is not limited to walk, it's also provides calcutions for traveling between cities and countries. EWG is available for both Android and IOS users.